Theft and Check/Credit Card Fraud Related Charges

Theft and check/credit card fraud related charges tend to increase during times of inflation and economic hardship. Even if you haven’t intentionally attempted to write a check with knowledge that there are insufficient funds in your bank account, you may still be charged with a crime and need to defend those charges in court.

Check and credit card fraud and other financial crimes are potentially serious offenses in Massachusetts. Police and the District Attorneys Offices take these charges very seriously, and should they pursue a complaint in the District Court, this can leave you with a criminal record. If you have bounced a check, you may face criminal charges if you write the check knowing that there is insufficient money in your account to pay for the check, ie. larceny by check. If you are facing charges of credit card fraud, larceny by check or another financial crime, contact Michaud Law Group to discuss your particular situation.

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