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The emotional aspects involved in dissolving marriages, child custody and property division can at times seem overwhelming and particularly upsetting. When you are involved in a divorce, emotions and feelings can be become part of every aspect of the case, which is quite understandable. Although not always the case, divorce can be very difficult. At this crossroads in your life, you and your family can benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge of the Michaud Law Group. We understand that this could be one of the most challenging and traumatizing times in your life and in your family’s lives, and at the Michaud Law Group, you will be supported through each step of the process in an attentive and considerate manner. Together, we will work to focus on what you need and want as your case progresses. We will work with you during this new chapter of your life to ensure that you are given all the options you need to successfully move forward.

If you have a case involving any of the following areas, we can offer you experienced legal advice, support and representation:

Although we put forth every effort to come to an amicable settlement without the added pain of a trial, sometimes those efforts are thwarted or impossible. Our main goal is to ensure that your legal rights are upheld, and should a settlement out of court be unattainable, we will pursue your rights in an experienced, aggressive, and thoughtful manner. You should feel confident that our goal is to help and support you through this challenging time in your life, and we hope it will bring you peace of mind to know that our attorneys will strive to do just that from the day we meet you through every stage of your case.

Michaud Law Group is here to help if you are in need of assistance with a family-related legal issue. Whether you are entering a marriage, dissolving your marital union, or seeking rights as a parent, we can help you with what can sometimes be tricky or difficult legal situations.

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