Construction Law Disputes & Accidents

Boston/Cambridge Construction Attorneys

The Michaud Law Group has been effectively handling construction-related claims and disputes since 2001 while consistently providing professional, prompt, and experienced service to general contractors, subcontractors, design-build contractors, suppliers of materials, owners and developers. We are cognizant of the fact that running a successful construction company is hard work that requires a high degree of skill, knowledge, and perseverance. The last thing a successful construction company needs or wants when they are involved in a legal dispute with another contractor, owner, or other entity, is to have to spend time educating a construction attorney on the nuances of the construction trade and getting them “up to speed”. At our firm, you won’t be spending valuable hours teaching your construction lawyer the fundamental aspects of the construction industry because of the vast experience and knowledge in the construction field evidenced by its attorneys. So, if you encounter any construction-related legal matters, please feel free to contact the Michaud Law Group for an initial consultation at no-cost.

Our legal team handles a wide range of construction-related matters, including, but not limited to the following:

You can feel confident in our firm’s ability to handle all your construction industry-related claims in a smooth and efficient manner. No matter how simple or complex the legal/construction issue may be – from contract formation to dispute resolution to litigating your claims and defenses in all civil court matters – our construction lawyers are there to assist you. The Michaud Law Group will not hesitate to advance your legal claims and defenses to the fullest extent with the ultimate goal of resolving all legal matters to your satisfaction.

With over fifteen (15) years of personal experience in residential and commercial construction, our construction attorneys have been involved in nearly every phase of the construction process and will invariably have a working knowledge of the practical construction trade and legal issues you face, both commercial and residential.

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