Depending on the financial circumstances of a divorce, alimony (also referred to as spousal support, support or maintenance) may be collected by either an ex-wife or an ex-husband. This allows for an ex-spouse to continue receiving financial support from the other spouse following the dissolution of marriage. The amount of alimony that one spouse has to pay the other is based on a number of factors. For example, the duration of the marriage, contributions of each spouse to the marriage, financial resources of each person, standard of living maintained during the marriage, and the physical or emotional condition of each person would be carefully considered when determining an alimony agreement.

If you are currently required to pay Alimony to your spouse and are contemplating marriage with your new significant other, please contact our attorneys to discuss the legal implications imposed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts before taking what you thought was a simple step by marrying someone you love and cherish. The alimony obligations can be dramatically impacted by decisions you make.

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