Recovery of Attorney’s Fees

We understand the financial and emotional drain that hiring an attorney can cause, but we also know how necessary it is to obtain proper counsel in order to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the dissolution of your marriage. Although the retaining client is ultimately responsible for any attorney’s fees, it is important that both sides have access to equal representation. Because of this, it is possible in certain cases for a disadvantaged spouse to request that the other party pay for some or all of the attorney’s fees he/she incurs as a result of the divorce. As awards for attorney’s fees are based on need, it is common for neither party to receive fee compensation if both you and your spouse have equal opportunity (financially) to hire an attorney. There are, however, many cases where spousal income differs greatly. In cases such as these, such as where one spouse was the primary breadwinner while the other cared for the home and family, it is more likely that the spouse with the greater income would be required to pay for the other’s attorney’s fees. The Michaud Law Group can discuss your unique situation with you in order to determine how to best approach your particular case.

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