Contracts – Formation, Review, & Negotiation

Quite possibly the most important stage of any construction project is the contract formation stage. Your construction company must protect its interests at this initial stage of a construction project. Hiring a lawyer that is focused on the details and is experienced in the formation of construction contracts, is a key to maintaining a successful business and fostering amicable and successful relationships with owners, general contractors and subcontractors. It is your obligation as a successful business owner to make sure that your construction contracts are negotiated, reviewed and drafted with the express intent to protect your interests alone. Our law group will apply its expertise to make sure that your construction contract documents, including but not limited to general contracts, subcontracts, terms and conditions, bid documents, purchase orders, and general and supplemental conditions, are created with your best interests in mind.

When you need a construction lawyer to draft or review a contract that is all-encompassing and detailed as it relates to every aspect of your project and protecting your interests, you can feel confident that the Michaud Law Group will do just that. It is at the contract formation stage that a sophisticated and astute business owner will understand and appreciate the value of hiring a dedicated and reliable construction attorney.

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